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Dewey Wilkerson. Gorak along with his musical organization of festival sideshows



Dewey Wilkerson. Gorak along with his musical organization of festival sideshows

Dewey Wilkerson



Home Town

Families & Buddies


  • Hal Wilkerson (pops)
  • Lois Wilkerson (mummy)


  • Francis (oldest brother)
  • Reese (older buddy)
  • Malcolm (older cousin)
  • Jamie (younger bro)
  • Unborn sibling


  • Chad
  • Hanson
  • Zoe Desenea
  • Egg
  • Gorak with his group of festival sideshows
  • Craig Feldspar

Generation Records

Initially appearance

Depicted by

Dewey Wilkerson is the tritagonist associated with the series. Produced July 12, 1993 (represented by Erik each Sullivan) was actually the next and youngest son of Lois and Hal during basic four months up until the delivery of Jamie.


  • 1 Biography
  • 2 Individuality Traits
  • 3 Affairs
    • 3.1 Reese Wilkerson
    • 3.2 Malcolm Wilkerson
    • 3.3 Francis Wilkerson
    • 3.4 Jamie Wilkerson
    • 3.5 Lois Wilkerson
    • 3.6 Hal Wilkerson
    • 3.7 Friends
  • 4 Trivia

Biography [ edit | edit resource ]

The eccentric youngsters, Dewey is acknowledged for his weird conduct and somewhat manipulative approaches (for example, Dewey typically sticks factors into his ears) first time we see him he’s 6 yrs old in series finale he’s 12, Dewey could be the ‘baby’ in the parents for some regarding the collection, becoming an adult brother when Jamie exists from inside the finale of month four. They are a lot more artistically inclined than his brothers, playing keyboard and creating opera audio in future attacks. In the 1st season, he was in the 1st level.

Despite are the youngest regarding the Wilkerson brothers at the start of the collection plus comparison to your whining of his earlier brothers (especially Malcolm) Dewey comes with the worst life of them all. They have experienced a life of total neglect and starvation from happiness. His moms and dads are thus concentrated on coping with their destructive more mature brothers and doing sexual activity posses ignored your from time he had been created, creating not need actually taken photos of him within his infancy and childhood and not also offering your vaccinations and generally skip occasions with him on middle. Their earlier brothers do-nothing but result in the circumstances bad and additionally they as well dismiss him and literally and mentally bully your at each and every possible opportunity. Dewey sums upwards his lifestyle into the event “kids: component 1”, disclosing which he receives the short end of all things and also never ever even practiced basic pleasures of lives such as for instance a bed to himself, a hot bath and even his very own garments. Actually his birthdays aren’t spared from the abuse and overlook of his parents as their moms and dads either totally forget they along with his brothers overcome your on they. As such Dewey is rolling out a hatred for most their family unit members, particularly Reese and is shown to simply take honest delight in whatever distress he is able to privately bring onto them.

In previous seasons, while a young child, Dewey had been demonstrated to need an exceptionally bad grasp of fact. Typically from their viewpoint he asks Lois and Hal for things, whilst in reality he is throwing a horrendous tantrum. The guy furthermore thought characters on television were in fact conversing with your. Also their memories and dreams stray from truth while the present situation considerably.

Dewey normally unveiled are practically as smart as Malcolm, nonetheless Dewey’s cleverness are geared a lot more towards creative pursuits, the most known of which are sounds that he shown by teaching themselves to experience the piano skillfully in addition to composing a complete opera. When he grabbed an intelligence examination, Malcolm planned to rescue your from becoming put in the talented course so filled out the test in order to make Dewey look dumb. nonetheless he moved too much, and Dewey had been set in a class for disturbed teens known as the “Buseys”. Although in the beginning angry, Dewey recognized the Buseys are forgotten because of the class and grabbed charge of them (as their correct instructor normally slept during class). Although the error was rapidly found and also the college was actually ready to go him toward main-stream class, Dewey didn’t abandon the Buseys and tossed an enormous temperament tantrum.

christianconnection reviews

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